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Mint green table runner

Mint green table runner
  • Mint green table runner, heavy fabric, with pattern and chocolate color fringes, silk, cotton, synthetic, hand dyed 1


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It’s called ‘moss’ as of its mint green color that changes from lighter to darker when you run your fingers on the fabric, just like velvet does.

The original fabric I purchased in a little secluded store in New York was very much different than the final product. Not only the colors were so much different, but the fabric (due to its heaviness and thickness) was very rough, I guess, intended for the upholstery. The sales people kept convincing me there was nothing much I could change around it, but I needed to try, because as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. I knew the fabric would be colored and I was confident as I knew I was dealing with natural material. So, I was right. Not only coloring it altered the softness of the fabric, but the new colors came out just wonderful, blending nicely and making this piece rich and timeless.

Also, you can use this table runner on both sides.

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Cotton, Poly, Silk

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T here are two ways to approach to this type of style.

First: keep the bohemian, vintage look by placing this table runner on bare wooden table (preferably darker color wood). It could very well go with a darker green, or any darker color tablecloth for occasions such as Christmas, or any other celebration. As of its patina appearance ‘Golden Moss’ would do great with aged metal object placed on top of it. Or, some books and a small copper vase with flowers and tree branches.

The second approach is more modern, contemporary fashion, similar to what I have arranged in the first presentation image here. Although, I think this piece would look much better on wood, that should not discourage you on trying different table tops, such as metal or glass. For this type of the arrangement you should not worry much about matching the color with other table accessories. Rather, go with something simple in form or go with nothing at all. Because this table runner will look great with any everyday objects we usually have on our tables (be it a dinner or coffee, conversation table).



B lends of cotton, silk and poly, heavy fabric, extremely soft to the touch, with fringes on all four sides, hand dyed with water based dye for natural fabrics.



A pprox. 13″ x 57″ — 33 x 145 cm



H and wash OR Machine wash using gentle settings, Dry cleaning will do as well;
Hang to dry;
Iron, from scale 1-10, @ about 5