How to wear a scarf on your head – 4 easy ways.

WEAR A BANDANA OR SMALLER SCARF – There are lots of ways to tie a bandana, but this one could perhaps be the simplest one. The trick to have this look really depends on the way you style your hear. Weather you chose to go with a bun or simply just wear it up secured with a smaller clip like I did it here, make a ponytail or wrap a braid around your head it’s up to you. Here it goes: [1] pull your hair up and secure it with a smaller hair clip (don’t use anything flashy, try a color similar to your hair); [2] fold the bandana, or smaller scarf in a shape of a triangle [3] fold it again along the length to get desired width; [4] then, position a bandana with the ends on top of your head and [5] tie a knot, rotate and move the knot into a desired position (I moved it on a side). I didn’t tuck in any lose ends of the fabric as I was going for a  messy look.

WEAR A LONG SCARF TURBAN LIKE – This might not be the exact way of how the turban should look like, rather my improvisation of some sort. [1] Tie your hear at the top back of your head; [2] Take a long cotton scarf and tie a knot on the top front of your head, making one lose end into lot longer piece. Take that longer piece and wrap around your head once or twice if the scarf is really long; [3] Finish up warping when you have little bit of it left, just enough to tuck in and cover the exposed part of the head; [4] fold the fabric under the knot and under the sides; [5] then take the shorter lose end and fold it over the knot and into the inside pockets. Fluff the scarf to get the volume. The secret tip is to have another scarf under the one you want to display (but it’s not a must). Underneath scarf can have a knot at the back of the head so you achieve that even extra volume like in the picture.


WEAR A LONG SCARF TURBAN LIKE v.2. – This is a very similar look as the previous one, yet with slight changes. [1] Pull your hair up high in a bun; [2] Tie a knot of a longer scarf at the top front of your head. Wrap one lose end of the scarf around your head and [3] tuck it in the pockets and under the knot; [4] Take second lose end of the scarf and fold it over the knot and [5] into the pockets but leave the fringes lose and hanging. Fluff the scarf to get the volume. Here too, you may have additional scarf underneath, that is not necessary but it will get you great volume. With this look,goes big and bold jewelry.

WEAR A LONG SCARF TURBAN LIKE v.3. – This version is by far with the most volume! And for that to achieve, you really have to have a base underneath, and that, this time a must, is another scarf underneath. Repeat the steps [1] [2] [3] [4] and [5] from the post above; [6] Tie another long scarf with the knot at the back or on a side; [7] Tuck in both lose ends anyway you desire. Voila!


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