HOW TO WEAR LARGE SCARF 1080 1080 Rannka

Scarf in the examples “ Mostar “ is oversize linen triangle scarf. However, following techniques can be applied on square scarf simply by folding the scarf in half and into a triangle shape.


Urban Casual

Simple way of having a large scarf becoming a vital part of the outfit:

[1] position a scarf at the back with tips placing at front

[2] simple roll in and tuck in to make long strips. This is a casual and minimal approach which I often like to combine with monochromatic outfits. It adds to layering or becomes a clothing rather then accessory.


A wrap

[1] Place the longest tip of the triangle at front and tilt to the side so a triangle tip is resting on your hip

[2] roll the top leftover portion around neck to make a nice collar

[3] wrap up and tuck in one long tip of the scarf underneath a wrap and bring the other longer tip to front simply letting it rest on scarf-wrap.


Front triangle

[1] Place a longest triangle tip at front

[2] roll the top around the neck to make a collar and bring the other two tips at front

[3] tuck in the two tips under the triangle tip and fluff the scarf.

Front knot

[1] Place a longest triangle tip at front

[2] fold the top part around the neck to make a collar. Bring longer loose end on top of the scarf up front. The last loose tip tuck in under so it is not visible.

[3] tie a knot on long loose tip. Hint: the scarf arrangement is supposed to be asymmetrical, if asymmetry bothers you, wear one large or long pendant earring on the other side to balance it.



[1] Place a longest triangle tip at front

[2] roll the triangle tip and the sides to form a circular shape. bring the long two ends of the scarf at front

[3] and tie a loose knot, tucking in the leftovers on sides.

ADDITION: You can also tuck in the hanging tips and wrap this up into a complete circle, see bellow:


A cloak

[1] Place a longest triangle tip at back wrapping yourself up with the scarf

[2] fold and adjust the collar part around the neck

[3] tilt and position a scarf to make a cloak out of it.

This way works only with a large size scarf where it becomes a part of the clothing rather then an accessory.

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