Bias Bracelet

The Bias Bracelet is unisex versatile jewelry that can be worn as a bracelet or an arm cuff, thanks to its super adjustable design.
Made from light and soft faux leather, this bracelet is comfortable to wear all day long.
Each metal part is handcrafted, providing a unique and individual touch to every piece.

  • Ready to Ship

  • The Bias Bracelet will arrive ready to slide it on your arm. When on, simply pull one side (like a belt) to modify the circumference. Adjust and rotate to your liking.

  • Adjustable, one size fits all.
    Best used from 12″ to 5″ circumference (from 30.4cm to 12cm)

  • Two types of black faux leather, mixed metals.

  • Hand wash in mild soapy water, hang to dry.