Earrings 5 –  Fabrika collection.

Unconventionally shaped bold stud earrings with industrial concept in mind. Inspired by the rough meteor like forms found in outer space. Designed with black clay, silver quartz stones and sterling silver wire. Both, the gemstone and the outer black shell are kept in their raw form and with natural imperfections, but polished to a smooth touch.

Length: 2.5″ = 6.4cm & 1.5″ = 4cm

  • Ready to ship

  • Silver Quartz, Sterling Silver, Black Clay

  • Hand wash using mild soap. Pat to dry.

    Keep your jewelry away from chemicals, avoid taking a bath with your earrings on, store away from sunlight.

  • 2.5″ = 6.4cm & 1.5″ = 4cm long