Black & white embroidered rings now in set of three. Super soft and stretch, semi textured two black and one white mid long ring set.
Gift ready! Comes in a small sturdy jewelry box.

✮ Choose the sizes for all three rings individually and add to cart.


MANTRA RING – Mid long black stretch soft faux leather embroidered with black abstract symbols
ARCTIC BLOSSOM RING – Mid long white stretch, soft, semi texture faux leather embroidered with black triple flower branch
– Mid long black stretch faux leather embroidered with black leaves

  • Holiday Ring Sets ship next day.

  • Black & White Semi Textured, Stretch, Soft Faux Leather

  • Hand wash with a sponge and mild detergent.

  • Unisex. Sizes available from 4-14, please see the chart size bellow.
    Other sizes available as well as length customization, please leave a detailed message at the checkout.
    True to the size.

  • Ring size will be applied to the base of the ring. All Rannka rings are measured at the base of the ring.

    TINY0.4-0.6"1 - 1.5cm
    REGULAR06-1"1.5 - 2.5cm
    MID LONG1 - 1.5"2.5 - 3.8cm
    LONG1.5 - 1.75"3.8 - 4.4cm
    XX LONG1.75 - 2" +4.4 - 5cm +

    • Measure your fingers at home:
    1. wrap your finger (at the place you want to wear a ring, if knuckle, than chose that spot) with a piece of thread, thin yarn or soft tape;
    2. mark the circumference;
    3. lay flat on a ruler;
    4. look up the circumference in a size chart to determine your size.