Guardian Cuff Tall

Pointy, triangular shaped soft and stretch matte black vegan leather cuff-bracelet. Designed to wear angle potting towards fingers, but can be reversed of course. Either way, it will sit comfortably on your wrist.

See Guardian Cuff Mini.
Sized by wrist circumference, flexible enough to slide over your palm.
Armor Collection.

  • 5 days.

  • Unisex, sized by wrist circumference. The cuff is about 13cm – 5.1″ tall.

    If you do not see your wrist size, please leave a message at the checkout. Or contact Rannka for any sizing customization.

  • Stretch and soft matte black vegan (faux) leather. The material has enough flexibility to easily slide over your palm.

  • Hand wash in mild soapy water, hang to dry.

  • The angle is designed to point towards the fingers, but can be worn the other way as well. To put it on, simply slide in your hand as if you were putting on a glove.