Monolith Bracelet

Long, black, stretch vegan leather unisex bracelet – cuff. Designed to hug your arm with enough room for breathing. It slides easily over your palm as of the stretch quality. Stitched with a black thread in continuous ‘accordion’ pattern giving the bracelet  lot of interest and visual dynamics.

Armor Collection.

  • 5 days.

  • Unisex, sized by wrist circumference. The material has enough flexibility and stretch to easily slide over your palm.

    If you do not see your wrist size, please leave a message at the checkout. Or contact Rannka for any sizing customization.

  • Soft and stretch black vegan (faux) leather. Material has enough stretch so that it can easily slide over your palm.

  • Hand wash in mild soapy water, hang to dry.

  • Simply slide in your hand and put it on as you would a glove. Material is stretch enough and can comfortably slide  over your palm.