Black O ring choker with buckle for closure. Quality sturdy semi textured faux leather with a brushed feel at the back. Adjustable.

One size, Long: 20.2″ — 51.5cm; Tall: 1.5″ — 4cm (custom sizing available too!)

  • 3 weeks

  • One size, adjustable.
    Long: 20.2″ — 51.5cm
    Tall: 1.5″ — 4cm
    Ring diameter 1.2″ — 3cm
    Narrowest part 0.8″ — 2cm

    Contact for custom sizing.

  • Good quality black bounded, sturdy vegan (faux) leather with brushed feel on the back side. Super soft. Non stretch. Fitted with 1″ x 1.2″(3cm) silver O ring and buckle for closure, both made of nickel plated steel.

  • Hand wash with mild detergent and water.