Artisan Ring No. 18

One of a kind organic shape stacking resin marble dust  ring in US size 8. Bone white color in matte finish. Intricate organic oval shapes resembling abstracted small horns.  Individually cast and handmade contemporary art ring. Intentional uneven shape and faint sanding marks are giving this ring unique charisma.

Open Form Collection

  • Ready to ship

  • Resin, marble powder.

  • Remove your jewelry when:

    • applying lotion, perfume, hairspray or other beauty products
    • showering or swimming
    • cleaning with harsh chemicals

    Do not store in direct sun. Best keep in jewelry box/bag.

    Clean with a mild soap and water.

  • Handmade from start to finish.
    This piece was created in clay, molded in silicone, cast in materials, filed and sanded to a finished jewelry.

  • US size 8
    True to the size.

    • Measure your fingers at home:
    1. wrap your finger (at the place you want to wear a ring, if knuckle, than chose that spot) with a piece of thread, thin yarn or soft tape;
    2. mark the circumference;
    3. lay flat on a ruler;
    4. look up the circumference in a size chart to determine your size.

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