Black PVC Ring Set

Black PVC rings now offered as a hand set. All time favorite for that subtle gloss and badass bonus. They fit like latex gloves, pronouncing the finger’s anatomy in their rich deep black. Part of Rannka’s permanent collection.

Rannka Raw Collection

  • Unisex. Sizes available from 4-14, please see the chart size bellow.
    Other sizes available as well as length customization, please leave a detailed message at the checkout.
    True to the size.

  • Measure your fingers at home:

    1. wrap your finger (at the place you want to wear a ring, if knuckle, than chose that spot) with a piece of thread, thin yarn or soft tape;
    2. mark the circumference;
    3. lay flat on a ruler;
    4. look up the circumference in a size chart to determine your size.

    OR Go to any jewelry shop near by and ask to have your fingers professionally measured. Most will do it for free.
    OR Contact Rannka.

  • 2-5 days

  • Stretch Soft Black Gloss PVC

  • Hand wash with a sponge and mild detergent.