Triangle Cuff Earring

Strong, lightweight and flexible 3D printed Triangle cuff earring, now with improved, smoother material. Unisex. One size Cuff. Sold as ONE earring.

  • 3 weeks.

  • The Triangle cuff earring is 3D printed using selective laser sinteringout in black/white/true red premium smooth PLA – durable nylon.

  • Hand wash using mild soap. Pat to dry.

  • Unisex, one size. The Triangle cuff earring has been tested on various people of all shapes and sizes. Rest assured, one size is good for anyone due to its easy off/on.

  • Simply slide the cuff earring over your antixelix at its narrowest part (antihelical fold), then position any way you like. The earring does have enough flexibility, so you can easily adjust its position. Once it’s on, you won’t even feel it is there as of its superb lightness.

Weight 0.1 oz