Rannka Signature Long Black Stretch Bracelet

The bracelet has been specifically designed to fit like a glove and sit on your arm comfortably. It has no buttons or zippers, simply pull it up like you would a glove! It’s also very light in weight, breathable and its stretch ability allows your arm to move freely. It’s made out of our best quality faux leather – slight grain top and short velvety texture on the back.

Choose longer for warmer months and shorter for summer. Let it peak under long sleeves or make it stand out with short or no sleeves. Accessorize with metal or other jewelry on top.


  • Please select your sizes for wrist and forearm (under elbow) and your preferred length.

    If your sizes are not listed please add a note at the checkout of your desired measurements.

  • 5 days.

  • Stretch black vegan leather.

  • Hand wash with mild detergent and water. Hang to dry.