Vinca Dark Scarf

Custom print light oversize scarf (50×50 inch) made of sheer poly voile and in part of recycled plastic bottles and post-consumer materials. Print visible on both sides. Design inspired by Vinca alphabet and culture, a Neolithic archeological culture in southeastern Europe, present day Serbia – dated to the period 5700-4500 BC, far older than the cities of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Note: Swastika seen in the design pattern is NOT the Hitler’s swastika, rather an ancient icon used in various cultures.

  • 8-10 days.
    Each scarf is individually printed and hemmed, please allow some time for production.

  • Custom print on sheer poly voile made in part of recycled plastic bottles + post-consumer materials – print seen on both sides. Narrow hem.


  • 50″ x 50″ — 127 x 127 cm

  • Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle, mild detergent. Tumble dry low